About us

We help our clients to understand people so that they can provide products and services that consumers and users really want and need.

Sometimes this means conducting research. Sometimes it means drawing on our experience: a dozen years researching digital innovations; more than a decade working in emerging markets.  Sometimes it means helping clients interrogate data they already have, or which exists in the public domain.

We are drawn to difficult problems – to parts of the world that are changing fast, to one-word briefs (what is status, community, value), to phrases like ‘we’ve not tried this before’ and ‘we’re looking for something a bit different’.

We love experiments: running the first commercial research on M-Pesa mobile money in East Africa; creating a global digital experiment in self-monitoring; training a rural community in the Caribbean to conduct a large scale piece of quantitative research.

We have sought and found like-minded researchers all around the world. They are curious, ambitious, superb at smoothing the logistical niggles that occur off the beaten track; they are adventurers with a control freak gene.

We think the answer doesn’t have to be expensive;  we make money for, not from, our clients.

Our founders are Richard Atkinson and Tom Marriage.

Our newest partner is Jamal Khadar.