Launching Copasetic, $5 at a time

Fiverr has been around for a while now. Although according to Alexia it’s ranked a dismal #125,854 in the world web rankings, there’s something about Fivver which captures the imagination.  People selling services for $5 (£3.21 at the last reckoning).  If the CEO is right, it could even transform the US economy.  What’s not to like?

As a website, it’s a simple, single-minded proposition.  Like a digital pound shop, the price  dictates what you get. The complexity comes from the diversity of stuff you can buy.  The Gigs (sic) range from the banal (3 hours of data entry for $5) to the desperate (Directors of “successful marketing  and branding agencies” selling consultancy via Live Web Cam), the weird (“Shoenice” will eat the message of your choice.. people in banana costumes shouting.. parody rednecks singing happy birthday) and occasionally, the surprisingly good, interesting and creative (like the alt. magician who teaches you to make an impact at networking events with three tricks with business cards you can perform.)

There’s a culture which has developed around the site.  If you search on youtube there are loads of tutorials on how to make money out of Fivver, how to buy and resell Fivver gigs with a massive mark up,how to outsource micro tasks for small businesses and whatnot.   Aside from the mad, frivolous, unfunny and unhelpful, it’s easy to see how Fiverr could be both useful and, for giggers, lucrative.

We are far from being obsessed with Fiverr, but there is something interesting about it.  As we have started developing our brand and marketing ourselves in earnest, we thought we might put Fiverr to the test.  Is it possible to make convincing marketing collateral with Fivver?   What does Copasetic look like in the twisted minds of Fiverr giggers?  We decided to find out, and heere are the results:

Our own Jingle

A guy climbs a tree to find a curious treasure

Karl Marx talks about copasetic from the perspective of historical materialism:

An irritating guy rants incoherently:

And an ASMR fanatic doesn’t really get what we want…