Reasons to be hopeful

Reasons To Be Hopeful aims to help people who are working independently to improve life in their communities around the world in difficult, often dangerous circumstances.

We endeavour to do this in two ways.

– Creating five films documenting individuals and organisations who have helped transform their communities. We hope these will generate support for the projects we highlight and that they may inspire people to start and persevere with their own initiatives.

– Holding five conferences, bringing together people working on, or looking to start independent community projects. We hope that these will help to spread ideas and encourage support networks between community projects within and across countries.

This is our first film. It is the story of BECEI, the first library to open in a Brazilian favela, and of Cabral, who founded it when he was 14 years old. Politicians said it wouldn’t work. Local gangs attacked it. Cabral persisted. Today it has around 60,000 members and has helped changed the community of Paraisopolis. You can watch it here.